DFM Track

DFM Track offers a broad spectrum of affordable web based Fleet Management system aimed at Logistics industry worldwide which ranges from an entry level system to advanced wireless trailer racking system. DFM Track is an excellent way for fleet owners and managers to monitor their trucks and vehicles using GPS (Global positioning system) technology which is becoming de-facto standard in fleet management.

DFM Track is superior product offering companies trip routing and Scheduling which helps logistics companies in planning their operations. DFM Track meets the requirements of those who are looking to reduce the cost of running a fleet, optimizing the running operations and increasing the efficiency and accountability of the fleet management system. However, DFM Track is more than Vehicle Tracking, it is an easy-to-use system that tracks the vital information you need to drive revenue to the bottom line.

Key Modules of this System:

Tracking and Monitoring Dynamic Status Modules
User Administration Messaging Module
Master Records Maintenance Geo Fence Modules
Reports Generation Vehicle Allocation Module
Display Handset Data Driver Module (Optional)
Activity Log Alerts Module


Return on Investment

Exactly how much does wasted time cost you? If you could ride with each of your trucks everyday, how much more productive would your employees become?

Recovered fuel cost averaging15%, along with the extended life of your trucks.

Extra income from more productive employees The peace of mind you have knowing everything happening with your business.


Virtually eliminates unauthorized vehicle Reduced overtime expense
Improved driver productivity Improved driver and consignment security
Rapid return on investment Improved driver performance
Vehicle security Reduced inventory losses
Rapid deployment Maximized vehicle use
Reduced insurance costs Improved customer service
Reduced direct operating costs Proof of delivery
Reduced maintenance costs Automated administrative functions
Reduced overtime expense Improved driver safety



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