DFM Dispatch

DFM Dispatch is fully automated end-to-end solution that provides comprehensive, time centric, flexible and scalable solution for taxi operators, police, ambulance operators etc. This is a complete end-to-end solution that involves, IVRS (Integrated Voice Response System), EPABX System, Telephone Queuing System, Voice Logging Systems and comprehensive software application for Communication, Tracking, Mapping, Dispatching and Management.
The essence of timely response, eliminating manual operation, increase productivity & effieciency of call operators. These systems are one of the main features of this solution which uses wireless GPRS network for the communication with vehicles. This involves messaging and identification of nearest available vehicle for dispatch, announcement of ETA (Expected Time Arrival) to customers, online credit card authentication, monitoring the trips like street pick-ups, current reservations, advance reservations and more.

Key Modules of this System:

Job Records Reports
Corporate Booking Vehicle Utilisation Details
Complaints Control Room Reports



Inbuilt Map Engine, Dispatch Engine & GIS modules
Comprehensive reporting, audit trials and analysis modules for supporting regulatory authorities
Tight integration with payment gateway, taxi meter and other accessories
Two-way messaging & communication modules
More jobs are done by per vehicle
Job dispatch based on business process of the respective company
Map enriched backend software helps user track multiple vehicles at a glance
Options like panic button for alerting on a distress situation



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