MDVR is a cost-effective, multi-functional device designed for video surveillance and remote monitoring of your mobile assets. It uses a high-speed processor, an embedded Linux platform and the most advanced technology in the IT field, such as H.264 Video Compression/Decompression, 3G/4G/LTE network transmission technology and GPS positioning technologies. MDVR can realize four/eight channel video recording. Each channel supports HD1, D1 and HD IP Camera image solution. Drivers' driving information, GPS data and alarm data are recorded in hard disk or SD Card which is used as the storage medium. The MDVR may look simple in its exterior design, but provides powerful auto black box features, installation flexibility and high reliability.

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Product Application

This product can be used for video surveillance or remote monitoring which applies in common or special vehicles such as buses, logistic vehicles, trucks, long-distance coaches, taxis, tankers, cars, school buses, police cars, ambulance and etc. In front-end it mainly collects video signal by dedicated automotive camera and then transmits it to the MDVR host via a special video cable to do the video compression and image processing, which is locally stored in Hard Disk. It can be live monitored or video recording remotely and download it by the remote client with the 3G/4G models. It can also locate the vehicle position in real time.

Armored Vehicles
Logistics carrying high value goods
Transportation carrying hazardous / highly flammable products
Coach / buses carrying passengers


Benefits of installing V210 on you vehicles

Driver Behavioral Monitoring, which is the source of accidents. The video recording allows you to analyze the driving pattern of each individual driver and hence able provide the appropriate consultation for him/her. The body language captured can highlight driver fatigues indications, talking on the phone, messaging, watching a movie, surfing the internet, reading the news, smoking etc. Failure to buckle the seat belt or hosting unauthorized passengers are some other key points the MDVR can highlight.
The MDVR functions as a deterrent for pilferage and suspicious activity. With surveillance, you can ensure that your cargo is accessed only at the authorized locations. The MDVR can verify of unauthorized stopping, in which most pilferage cases take part. At the same time, it also records any discussion that may imply wrong doing or dishonesty.
To serve as evidence in the event of an accident or incident such as hi-jacking. This also protects the driver if accident was caused by the other party. Evidence of thieves during hi-jack or stealing goods.
Cost effective as the V210 supports multiple modules including vehicle tracking and 2-way walkie-talkie communication.


Features and functionality of the MDVR

Ensure only authorized personnel is allowed on the vehicle
Prevent and/or track theft of asset and cargo
Video and voice recording can be provided as evidence in court in the event of accident or incident.
Driver violation monitoring such as over-speeding, harsh braking or acceleration, route deviation, unauthorized stopping and etc
Auto data downloading or live streaming to and from control center during major accidents or hi-jacking.
Panic button to activate live streaming to call center during emergencies.



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